Hollywood Storytelling Meets Critical Thinking

The Workshop

Over the past three years the CONNECTION Team has developed a one day workshop usually meant for 10-12 participants to help them individually develop their stories. Each participant brings in their individual story which is rewritten and critiqued at least three times until finishing with a sleek and powerful final draft that is one minute in length, and is both concise and human.


The workshop has been run a number of times including with the National Park Service (Ft. Collins, Co.), The Natural Resources Defense Council (San Francisco office), Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission/Heal the Bay/Surfrider Foundation, and Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (sponsored by the National Science Foundation).


One of the key concepts of the CONNECTION approach is entrainment -- the idea that the human mind is entrained by the world which it inhabits. The mind of an editor who edits two hour long feature films is entrained differently from the mind of someone who edits rapid-cut 30 second television commercials. The minds of the CONNECTION team members are entrained in the world of story shaping and developing through the book and workshops, making them fluent in the process of story structuring and humanizing.